1. In some ways, he was his old self.
  2. And in some way it is all those things.
  3. In some ways, Oxford PPE is still thriving.
  4. In some ways, denialism is a terrible term.
  5. In some ways, Twitter is one giant vox pop.
  6. He was disappointed with Obama in some ways.
  7. But in some ways, his position is impossible.
  8. So I guess it’s how to embrace it in some way.
  9. In some ways, it was a return to their old life.
  10. And yet, in some ways, the Aylesbury still works.
  11. In some ways, Ángel reflected Justo’s insecurity.
  12. Every death must be in some way special and on-trend.
  13. In some ways, Karl Marx was the first accelerationist.
  14. There was nothing for us, but in some ways that’s natural.
  15. In some ways, I think we chose it as a deliberate motivation.
  16. It’s foreign in some way, like when my son’s voice changed.
  17. At 47, Tallinn is in some ways your textbook tech entrepreneur.
  18. To take on plastic is in some way to take on consumerism itself.
  19. We like the new as long as it reminds us in some way of the old.
  20. But when I remember, it was like a treasury for me in some ways.
  21. Yet in some ways the 2010s have been more frightening than the 70s.
  22. Almost every interaction bore witness in some way to tobacco’s toll.
  23. But in some ways the unsolved murders are just the tip of the iceberg.
  24. He had no children of his own, and wanted her, in some way, to live on.
  25. In some ways, children do inhabit a different planet from the rest of us.
  26. “I knew right away that I had to be involved in some way,” he told me.
  27. In some ways they are right to be, but in others they are decidedly wrong.
  28. In some ways, I found Chetla a bit of a relief from the centre of the city.
  29. In some ways, this can be helpful, since many things are not in our control.
  30. In some ways, he’s still the same old Jakey,” his Aunt Varda told me.