1. She knew each child’s background in detail.
  2. Bourgoin had Toole describe his murders in detail.
  3. He dealt in detail with the crash and the subsequent fire.
  4. For the first time, Herojit began to talk in detail about all the other killings.
  5. Their clothing, their hearts and the lines on their hands are examined in detail.
  6. We are close enough to see the deer’s face in detail: her domed, almost Roman, profile.
  7. No one at Luxottica was willing to speak in detail about its plans for the merged company.
  8. “I did the cold war for six years; I studied the American revolution in detail,” she recalled.
  9. That is the job: to watch in detail and make sure it is precise for the audience, second by second.
  10. As a consequence, teachers have never developed a shared vocabulary for discussing their work in detail.
  11. Espersen has studied Australia’s Pacific solution in detail, so I pushed him: where would your Nauru be?
  12. Then, he described in detail how the prisoner’s electronic tag could be deactivated, so he could flee undetected.
  13. On it, they found a spreadsheet that seemed to contain detailed accounting of all of the group’s illicit earnings.
  14. The first plans for London Bridge date back to the 1960s, before being refined in detail at the turn of the century.
  15. In fact, until now, the trial and the extent of police malpractice alleged in court has never been prominently reported in detail.
  16. They were told that there was a German behind a screen, whom they were not allowed to see but about whom they were given certain details.
  17. Devlin and Forte do not consider this proof of innocence, but when they called Gus not long ago, he spoke to them willingly, and in detail.
  18. To get to the underlying mechanisms that explain why Seb was experiencing symptoms, we needed to listen in detail to exactly what he was saying.
  19. They spoke in detail about conflicts, sometimes violent, with white people, and about how government had not paid due attention to their needs and feelings.
  20. Ben Avraham told me that he’d “never seen any full teachings of the local story” – nothing that documented in detail how his forefathers prayed or worshipped.
  21. My family lived through the trauma of the Holodomor, also called the Great Famine, which took place from 1932-33, but my grandparents never talked in detail about it.
  22. Finney only decided to look at the Anthropocene in detail after he began getting comments from people who thought it was now an official part of the geological timescale.
  23. He preferred not to speak in detail about the following moments apart from to say that the thought of his two sons finding him dead prompted him to step back from the brink.
  24. As well as the numbers of dead, detained and tortured in Bobryk, she was interested in detailed descriptions of the soldiers: the uniforms, the insignias, how they looked, their accents.
  25. Liden could recall in detail the proportion of high-tension steel that made up Winner’s overall weight (48%), and the mill in Sweden this steel had come from (Oxelösund, on the Baltic Sea).