1. He was in pain.
  2. I was in Somalia.
  3. She was in flames.
  4. They fell in love.
  5. She woke in tears.
  6. I grew up in Hull.
  7. I felt in control.
  8. We were in Berlin.
  9. I wanna be in that.
  10. It was all in vain.
  11. She lives in Cairo.
  12. It is in transition.
  13. We did it in Europe.
  14. They ate in silence.
  15. He lives in Florida!
  16. I stepped in to help.
  17. He sat there in fury.
  18. We live in end times!
  19. It had everyone in it.
  20. I was called in first.
  21. He felt safe in there.
  22. They all went in a day.
  23. It is an end in itself.
  24. I got in touch with him.
  25. We are in this together.
  26. she told me in an email.
  27. I was green in judgment.
  28. She broke down in tears.
  29. They started in my hand.
  30. I got in and had a ball.