1. Call it a European empire or commonwealth, if you will.
  2. Bring to mind, if you will, Gap’s classic logo hoodie.
  3. If you will, France, to me, is a pyramid,” the man said.
  4. It’s a superstition, a spell if you will, that makes tangible the hope that you will soon return.
  5. We can still detect this original English meaning in phrases such as “If you will” (if you want/desire).
  6. Twice a year, CCP flies the successful candidates to their headquarters in Reykjavik for a few days of intensive debate – an audience with the gods, if you will.
  7. Setting a body higher than and apart from other people, in an individual structure with rigid, flat planes – a throne, if you will – evolved as a way of recognising an individual’s power, with the earliest known models dating to ancient Egypt and south-eastern Europe.