1. Disconnected, if you like.
  2. He shrugged: “Go down if you like.”
  3. It’s become a sort of fad, if you like.
  4. Not engaging with the underlying – facts, if you like.
  5. If you like solitude,” he said, “you are never alone.”
  6. If you liked every third post, was that an implicit condemnation of the other posts?
  7. And [Denton] had to take Dizzee to where he was going, but he left us all behind, if you like.
  8. “You can put that in if you like,” Vaizey told him, “but it’s never going to happen.”
  9. “I suspect the Queen’s death will intensify patriotic feelings,” one constitutional thinker told me, “and therefore fit the Brexit mood, if you like, and intensify the feeling that there is nothing to learn from foreigners.”
  10. The spa visit was a signal of health, but also of status: somewhere to be seen, an association of liquid and individual that broadcasted social elevation – a distant precursor to Kim Kardashian clutching a bottle of Fiji, if you like.
  11. The phrase was neutral enough to avoid overlap with existing areas of research like cybernetics, amorphous enough to attract cross-disciplinary contributions, and audacious enough to convey his radicalism (or, if you like, arrogance) about what machines were capable of.
  12. I guess if you’re a geologist who spends your time in the past where you have these enormous vistas of time – the human-free zone, if you like – then to have something as fast, busy, crowded, as science-fiction-like, come into the steady, formalised, bureaucratised array of geological time, I can see it as something you might naturally take against.