1. You could make $2m if only it weren’t for misogyny.
  2. I decided to learn the game, if only to be able to teach my daughter.
  3. They figured they had to throw some bodies at it, if only to sate Trump.
  4. Possess the best things and only the best things, if only you can afford them.
  5. The world will improve, if only Zuckerberg’s reason can prevail – and it will.
  6. His boar work is more complex, if only because there are so many humans to contend with.
  7. They assumed that if only officials met them and talked, the whole matter could be resolved.
  8. Finally, there was some snow and finally the temperature was below freezing, even if only just.
  9. But there are cases where a family would consent to treatment if only it weren’t for the injection.
  10. I would have to work harder not to alienate them, if only to make it harder for them to sell me out.
  11. But what all these cases all have in common is that the objects of concern are still alive, if only just.
  12. I think of 1994 as the landmark, if only because it’s when my memories of childhood and the game converge.
  13. It is an assumption that their countrymen will come to their rescue if only they could hear their cries for help.
  14. To sit by a river for a day and a night is to experience the reinstatement, if only temporarily, of that authority.
  15. I do not believe that, if only one could find the key to “make them understand”, denialists would think just like me.
  16. When politicians say they entered public life to contribute to society, they are telling the truth – if only in part.
  17. But this place will probably change, if only because this is not a city where integrated neighbourhoods last very long.
  18. Still, he has tried to think through the implications of helping to staff scamming groups, even if only to save his skin.
  19. As manufacture has slowed down, a glut of lithium on global markets has dampened the white oil boom, if only temporarily.
  20. However much they might prefer it otherwise, they have to listen, if only because the grownups still get to call the shots.
  21. For Japan’s civic authorities, although maybe not for its public at large, knotweed is certainly a pest, if only one of several.
  22. True, there is reason to take these findings with a pinch of salt, if only because this kind of research is difficult to do well.
  23. Carey, ever reasonable, believed that scooter crime would be greatly reduced if only more drivers properly secured their vehicles.
  24. It is a noxious compromise – the promise of black freedom if only we wade through the putrescence of a black American nationalism.
  25. Denny was eager to keep talking, if only because he was determined to reach a deeper understanding of Thiel’s vision of the future.
  26. She seems most comfortable behind the scenes, if only because it is easier to get away with wearing Hawaiian-print shirts and no shoes.
  27. Over time, India grew more equal, if only in the limited sense that its elite remained poor by the standards of the industrialised west.
  28. I drank a lot of water, because I had brought a lot of water, and drinking it was, if only in the most basic of senses, something to do.
  29. Georgia is one of the few countries in the old Soviet Union that has managed to restrict corruption, if only at lower levels of officialdom.