1. How to do that?
  2. He showed me how to do the kiss of life.
  3. The AI system learned how to do it by itself.
  4. He knows how to do laundry, and make spaghetti.
  5. There are even YouTube videos showing you how to do it.
  6. But how to do this while maintaining respect for the building’s fabric?
  7. The RAF’s storekeepers, who transferred into the new company, knew how to do that.
  8. “I could have been much softer or more sensual if I knew how to do it,” she said.
  9. They were very interested in that, and had all sorts of questions about how to do that.
  10. After about five years they are properly trained, they know about how to do analysis quickly.
  11. When Heymans started her DPhil at Oxford, in 2000, no one yet understood how to do weak lensing properly.
  12. The dominant model for how to do that has been the schoolhouse, with its reading, ’riting, and ’rithmetic.
  13. The real challenge, the truly political question, was to agree what we wanted to do and to figure out how to do it.
  14. You say you are buying a lot of $5 bootleg DVDs (Hitchcock is your favourite), but you forget that I know how to do maths.
  15. She had grown up in the country, and she wanted to live in London, work for a high-profile company, and learn how to do sales.
  16. As it turns out, his colleagues had plenty of ideas about how to do that, drawing on technology developed to search for gravitational waves.