1. He soiled himself.
  2. He checked himself.
  3. He corrected himself.
  4. He can’t stop himself.
  5. He has proven himself.
  6. He had asphyxiated himself.
  7. He repeated this to himself.
  8. He took his top off himself!
  9. He introduced himself as Phil.
  10. He lets that sink in for himself.
  11. He would have to educate himself.
  12. He should have listened to himself.
  13. He only hopes he can defend himself.
  14. He asked himself: what is to be done?
  15. He found himself shaking with emotion.
  16. He still weighs himself every morning.
  17. He identified himself: “I am Herojit.”
  18. He called himself the King of Kowloon.
  19. He did the studies himself for his PhD.
  20. He had completely withdrawn into himself.
  21. He hanged himself,” said the businessman.
  22. He hauled himself, one-armed, to the sill.
  23. He had certainly done exactly that himself.
  24. He cleared his throat and composed himself.
  25. He was now too frail to do much by himself.
  26. He should be asking himself some questions.
  27. He didn’t like to think of himself as alone.
  28. He said to himself: that’s it, I’m done for.
  29. He constantly positioned himself as a father.
  30. He did not consider himself a violent person.