1. That’s all he has to do.
  2. The first has to do with apartheid.
  3. A final plurality has to do with time.
  4. All it has to do is adjust its moral compass.
  5. Part of it has to do with America’s love of litigation.
  6. Part of this has to do with the way the field is organised.
  7. The reason, it has been surmised, has to do with fire, bhel.
  8. We don’t take the attitude that ‘the government has to do everything for me’.
  9. Israel tries to say, ‘We are good Israel that has to do bad things in the West Bank and Gaza.’
  10. This in turn has to do with the way in which they have tended to demonise national identity in general.
  11. It has to do with people’s experiences; for people of a certain age, their only experience of capitalism has been one of crisis.
  12. It has to do with the inability to watch your reflection appear and vanish in a window without coming to believe you are identical to it.
  13. Decolonisation has to do with not only openly discussing the various transgressions, and shameful moments and ambitions, that comprise colonial history.