1. I hardly slept.
  2. I hardly believe it.
  3. Many can hardly read.
  4. My mother hardly drinks.
  5. They hardly had any food.
  6. Newcastle is hardly alone.
  7. But he hardly knew the guy.
  8. I had hardly anyone to see.
  9. That will hardly trouble him.
  10. Hardly anyone spoke Mandarin.
  11. And the day has hardly begun.
  12. I could hardly believe my eyes.
  13. This clinic was hardly atypical.
  14. However, it is hardly a victory.
  15. That was hardly an exaggeration.
  16. Bits of toast you can hardly see.
  17. The problem is hardly limited to DC.
  18. Kitchen tells them he hardly sleeps.
  19. His foster father was hardly ever home.
  20. But I’ve hardly seen anyone in uniform.
  21. By now, Fri was hardly seeing anyone else.
  22. They knew hardly anything about computers.
  23. Ordinary looking plant hardly worth saving.
  24. He was on edge and hardly ever left his room.
  25. Hardly anyone has had a chance to do it twice.
  26. Hardly enough bodies left to get out the paper.
  27. It sounded horrible: the bass was hardly there.
  28. “She hardly looked me in the eye,” he said.
  29. The big society is hardly spoken of these days.
  30. But the consequences could hardly be more grave.