1. We had to do a lot more.
  2. I’d done what I had to do.
  3. Most had to do with his teenage son.
  4. All they had to do was comply with it.
  5. He had to do something and not be passive.
  6. Much of this had to do with being a parent.
  7. I later realised it also had to do with shame.
  8. All I had to do was go to the shop across the road.
  9. Some of this success had to do with its flexibility.
  10. And all they had to do was uproot an Inuit settlement.
  11. I’ve said I’ve had to do it because of ill health.
  12. I’m annoyed that I had to do it after 50 years here.
  13. All they had to do was put in a call to the US embassy.
  14. All you had to do was prove you were good for the money.
  15. I had to fly to San José, and I had to do so immediately.
  16. But the most problematic correlation had to do with geography.
  17. We went through the list of things he had to do before surgery.
  18. Most of the worries had to do with the financial burden on the town.
  19. Everyone knew what the women had to do to get picked from the crowd.
  20. “We had to do a lot of convincing for people to try it,” said Muckle.
  21. All one had to do was to observe it, wait patiently and gather eiderdown.
  22. But the biggest shift had to do with society’s changing gender dynamics.
  23. My husband had a stroke last year and that’s what I had to do, call 999.
  24. “I had to do it because my life was in danger,” he explained in court.
  25. We had to do everything in half the time, in the most expedient way possible.
  26. If doctors didn’t choose the suggested treatment, they had to document their reasons.
  27. The politics I heard about as a kid had to do with taxes and immigrants, and not much else.
  28. She would go into the studio with a sense of urgency, if not panic: she had to do something.
  29. Even liberals clenched their fists: the police had to do more to get after these young thieves.
  30. When Zhang Chaolin was in hospital and everyone knew he was going to die, I knew I had to do something.