1. I thought I had better say something.
  2. Madrid, Paris and New York all had better offers.
  3. Private companies were more productive and had better trucks.
  4. Given the alternative, we had better hope that they are up to it.
  5. Anyone who wanted a share of transport spending had better sign up to HS2.
  6. The cave art suggests that humans once had better ways to spend their time.
  7. We know that we do not have much time – or many characters – and that we had better make it count.
  8. It wasn’t just that they had better designs or superior technology: Bugaboo and its ilk had become an emblem of a new kind of parent.
  9. Well, anyone who wants their values secured by something beyond the capricious human world had better join an old-fashioned religion.
  10. Baldwin, who supported the move, remembers: “At first, we felt we had better keep talking to them, have dinners with the editor of the Sun.
  11. Historically, Labour had better form bringing activists into marginal battlegrounds, largely thanks to its more active membership drawn from the unions.
  12. While writing this, I thought I had better be sure of my memory, so I spent a couple of days trawling through archived files at the National Archives in Kew.
  13. By early 2003, the underground buzz around grime was intensifying and the crews had better radio transmitters, capable of reaching out to new parts of east London.
  14. And if, as an Egyptian, you question Sisi’s credibility to speak on behalf of Africa’s poor and climate-vulnerable populations, given the deepening hunger and desperation of his own people, you had better do it from outside the country.