1. In much the same way, medicine is grappling with it, too.
  2. One of the people grappling with this issue was Jeff Turnbull.
  3. Was it possible that Macarthur grappled with a version of this problem?
  4. Politicians use business balderdash to avoid grappling with important issues.
  5. Gold often finds herself grappling with issues of voice, gender, race and class.
  6. For those grappling with the second of the two questions, the options are already limited.
  7. This reminded me of a problem that the photography world has been grappling with for decades.
  8. But when it comes to grappling with the Hard Problem, crazy-sounding theories are an occupational hazard.
  9. Susan Sontag grappled with similar questions in her short book Regarding the Pain of Others, published in 2003.
  10. This way of thinking goes back at least as far as scientists have been grappling with high-profile cases of misconduct.
  11. But the virus had hit at a time when the country was already grappling with an unparalleled economic and financial crisis.
  12. India is far from the first country to enjoy a period of rampant cronyism and wild growth, and then grapple with how to respond.
  13. Less well known – but more relevant to the problems we are grappling with here – are some of his early writings on politics.
  14. The NCA is also grappling with “county lines”, the term they give to a new tactic of urban gangs expanding into small towns.
  15. They have felt compelled to grapple with it and not to reject it, lest they seem to be rejecting African American culture itself.
  16. There were fears that the planned public inquiry would fail to grapple with issues such as the neglect of social housing tenants.
  17. Meanwhile, focus turned to the Treasury as it grappled with recession and the impact of austerity on all public spending proposals.
  18. In my mid-20s, after years of grappling with my identity as a refugee and my place in the world, I stopped believing in the Rapture.
  19. Supplicants on the therapist’s couch, meanwhile, have to return week after week to grapple with the inefficient complexities of language.
  20. “The whole organisation is trying to grapple with this question,” an ACLU organiser told me, “and we’re not doing a great job of it.”
  21. 5 million Europeans living in the UK have grappled with the Home Office application process and managed to secure settled or pre-settled status.
  22. But the speech showed that, right from the start of his leadership, Brown was grappling with issues that would come to haunt Labour in the years ahead.
  23. The writer Matthew Salesses, whose work grapples with storycraft across cultures, writes that a sentence will read differently depending on expectations.
  24. The social justice movement spawned from Mike Brown’s blood would force city after city to grapple with its own fraught histories of race and policing.
  25. Furthermore, they say, they were trying to grapple with a seemingly intractable crisis that had dragged on for decades and was costing thousands of lives.
  26. It was as if, for one extraordinary June day, Israel itself grappled with the event that preceded its birth by three years, and has haunted it ever since.
  27. But as Labour finally grappled with asylum, a separate and largely accidental process was under way, which was to have profound consequences a decade later.
  28. But we must also grapple with the issues underpinning digital culture, and realise that the shift from print to digital media was never just about technology.
  29. As Mexico began to grapple with obesity, and soda’s role in it, the industry began to counterattack with the argument it uses everywhere that soda is under siege.
  30. The next few years might be rocky, as the new company grapples with its size and attempts to find a new leader who can define the corporation and its ultimate goals under the fading shadow of Del Vecchio.