1. Slowly, I got used to it.
  2. “People have got used to cuts,” she said.
  3. But I think I got used to it because it seems to help.
  4. But if I got used to being hopeless that would be failure.
  5. I’ve seen it happen a few times now, and I never got used to it.
  6. They have got used to walking past the decade’s casualties in the street, and not giving them much thought.
  7. Over several summers I got used to it and swam every day, even when it was grey and windy and pouring with rain.
  8. Ngũgĩ has made peace with the physical difficulties of growing old, but he has not got used to the memory lapses.
  9. “I’ve only just got used to saying ‘No’,” said Armitage, “and I still don’t say it with much confidence.
  10. “At first it was a bit of a shock to the system not having your family around, and then I got used to it,” he said.