1. This Henry could not get used to.
  2. I said: ‘I’ll never get used to it.’
  3. You can get used to anything, even horror.
  4. It can take a while to get used to this change.
  5. It takes time for the referees to get used to it.
  6. Mark would have thought people would get used to it.
  7. The other girls said: ‘You’ll get used to it’.
  8. “It takes time to get used to this work,” he says.
  9. It took me several days to get used to the other patients.
  10. But how do I get used to the fact that she has no use for me?
  11. I could never get used to hearing people talk about martyrdom.
  12. After a minute or two, my legs seemed to get used to the temperature.
  13. People protest, Facebook changes it just a little, and people get used to it.
  14. Everything I read, it’s ‘we’re doing this and you have to get used to it’.
  15. In decades to come, conservatives beyond California may have to get used to it as well.
  16. When you do these cases, you get used to the drug traffickers not getting there on time.
  17. “Just like doctors who do the same operation many times, they get used to it,” he said.