1. I just want to get on with things, Bob.
  2. It means you just get on with your life.
  3. Just to feel you can get on with your life.
  4. He said, ‘If you want, get on with it.’
  5. Then close your inbox, and get on with living.
  6. So you make your noises and you get on with your job.
  7. Why can’t they get on with each other independent of the US?
  8. Before kids can get on with learning, we have to ensure they belong.
  9. “I realised that people had to get on with their own lives,” he told me.
  10. “Some people might say why don’t you just get on with gardening,” he said.
  11. The experts all say the Earth is round; we believe them, and get on with our lives.
  12. She argues that the best way to save crop diversity would be to just help farmers get on with it.
  13. I’d write a feature or two, and then I’d go back to DC and get on with writing about politics.
  14. You try to appreciate this enormous gift you’ve been given, but eventually you just get on with it.
  15. But I completely understand that idea of coming from a working-class background and wanting to get on with something.
  16. Democratically elected leaders had given them a mission – to vanquish inflation – and then let them get on with it.
  17. There is a palpable sense of depression as people struggle to get used to a new order and also get on with their lives.
  18. Many hundreds of men were gone, and the women who were left behind had no choice but to try to get on with their lives.
  19. Now we could get on with making the new: virtual reality, augmented reality and all the other as yet unimagined realities.
  20. “When we came back in May 2015, there was a sense that we had to get on with it,” one Downing Street strategist recalled.
  21. We do if it’s something really big and we have to call the police, but otherwise it’s part of the job and you just get on with it.
  22. Players didn’t all need to get on with each other, but they needed to know the plan, and their role, and they needed to know who was boss.
  23. Therefore you can get on with doing the job, mortaring the area and returning small arms fire without worrying about hurting innocent people.
  24. “I’d been fairly apolitical throughout my life, just letting them get on with it as long as the country was run in a reasonably sensible manner,” he told me.
  25. Lesser players could be consumed by their mistakes, but Sörenstam would clinically dissect what happened, then get on with the business of trying to recover her position.
  26. Manjit Gill QC’s argument about the rights of Byndloss’s children produced a splutter of impatience from Richards: “If you have a speaking note, let’s get on with it!”
  27. Because Jones and MacKean had been given freedom to get on with their work in the past, when their editor questioned whether they had done enough on the Savile story, it was a shock.
  28. Previously, it was just allocated an annual budget and told to get on with producing information material for all government departments – none were allowed to commission their own publicity.