1. To be alone, furthermore, is to be unwitnessed.
  2. Furthermore, radicals do not come from hardline communities.
  3. Furthermore, Gaddafi had made no secret about supplying arms to the IRA.
  4. Furthermore, Robinson said, there had been no roadblock, and no high-speed chase.
  5. Individuals in these countries, furthermore, have felt the solidarity-pull of conscience.
  6. Furthermore, there are signs that the regime is beginning to consume itself under pressure.
  7. Furthermore, all Germany’s military engagements from 1871 to 1914 occurred outside Europe.
  8. Furthermore, it is true that the election was very close, and it did not take much to tip the result to one side.
  9. For all Erdoğan’s democratic shortcomings, furthermore, his country isn’t a dictatorship and he isn’t a fascist.