1. Feminism succeeded in framing the story.
  2. Nevertheless, feminism began without it.
  3. Feminism was largely regarded as irrelevant.
  4. But this is a very narrow vision of feminism.
  5. That’s why feminism needs to show its strength.
  6. Feminism and anti-racism shouldn’t have to wait.
  7. “The MT boys were not interested in feminism,” she said.
  8. Social feminism has a similarly long, if less well-known, history.
  9. The current feminism is all about victimhood, and I can’t bear it.
  10. This work of no-nonsense feminism was a first step beyond the academy.
  11. “I show my feminism very largely in the Islamic context,” he said.
  12. Feminism to me is going out there and competing with men on equal terms.
  13. The problem is that they’re talking about feminism a week before [IWD].
  14. There are remarkable feminisms going on around the world, from India to Trinidad.
  15. Call it, then, a conflict between “individualist” and “social” feminisms.
  16. While feminism had not died, during this period, it had certainly withered, she wrote.
  17. At first, he was hostile to feminism, accusing feminists of destroying Norwegian manhood.
  18. Social feminism does not aspire to enable a few women to gain positions of power in patriarchal systems.
  19. “You need two things to feed feminism: one is theory, and the other is rage,” Lozano told me recently.
  20. Feminism has not eradicated the tyranny of the ideal woman but, rather, has entrenched it and made it trickier.
  21. Something similar may be at work in the anti-#MeToo feminists’ desire to advocate for an individualist feminism.
  22. In a talk to a group of around 60 young men and women, Khan spoke about feminism and positive female Muslim role models.
  23. Today’s ideal woman is of a type that coexists easily with feminism in its current market-friendly and mainstream form.
  24. “Sara Khan says she follows liberalism and feminism, but her viewpoint is so close to that of this government,” he said.
  25. As accusations of sexual misconduct piled up against Trump, Trudeau proclaimed his own feminism in the pages of Marie Claire.
  26. The real weakness of social feminism is not that it encourages women to be oversensitive about discomforts, but that it is so broad.
  27. This tension, between individualist and social feminisms, has dogged the women’s movement since its revival in the mid-20th century.
  28. “If Ciudadanos is talking about feminism, a word they used to denigrate, that’s a victory for the feminist movement,” Cadenas said.
  29. “Today’s ideal woman is of a type that coexists easily with feminism in its current market-friendly and mainstream form,” she writes.