1. Content except for one thing: food.
  2. Everyone, that is, except for Anne.
  3. And I’d still have it, except for this.
  4. Except for when they – unintentionally – did.
  5. What if the universe were entirely empty except for two astronauts?
  6. Except for a few scattered leaders, the populists were not socialists.
  7. “Everyone was sure,” said Liliana, “except for me in my heart.”
  8. The room went silent except for the clicking of the uncle’s prayer beads.
  9. It stood for nothing, apparently, except for the general concept of innovation.
  10. For that, there remains no plausible explanation except for nitrates and nitrites.
  11. When police arrived, the mansion was totally empty except for the body of the victim.
  12. The streets were empty except for soldiers behind sandbags at the major intersections.
  13. Corrigan is a thinnish, pale man, bald except for a low, wispy crown framing his ears.
  14. Viewing figures for darts on Sky television beat every other sport except for football.
  15. The desk in his study was empty, except for the manuscript I found in one of the drawers.
  16. Except for his large head and broad front haunches, he is small enough to be mistaken for a pony.