1. No one ever got any job.
  2. No power lasts for ever.
  3. No one ever contacted us.
  4. I rarely ever order them.
  5. Nobody ever stopped them.
  6. Slicing ham took for ever.
  7. No one ever explained why.
  8. And no one ever got caught.
  9. Neither ever returned home.
  10. No politics is ever perfect.
  11. Nobody ever recovered there.
  12. More than ever we need facts.
  13. Nor is bread ever thrown away.
  14. Ten seconds felt like for ever.
  15. She was more anxious than ever.
  16. Would we ever get to our hotel?
  17. She has been unwell ever since.
  18. The stakes are higher than ever.
  19. Judge has put him away for ever.
  20. Nothing has ever gone that fast.
  21. Tourism is needed more than ever.
  22. More women than ever were working.
  23. Are the police ever up to the job?
  24. Few of the deportees ever returned.
  25. More than ever we need a free press.
  26. A cure seemed more remote than ever.
  27. Would there ever be the money again?
  28. Have you ever accepted money for sex?
  29. No official reason was ever provided.
  30. Nothing was ever put through our door.