1. It was, even if true, worthy stuff.
  2. Even if we pay a price, we are flourishing.
  3. But even if they did, what good would it do?
  4. Even if it is death, I will accept it humbly.
  5. Even if a dive goes to plan, pain is a certainty.
  6. Even if they’re the majority, they are divided.
  7. It would not be desirable even if we could have it.
  8. Even if he did, he would no longer sound like himself.
  9. The answer is satisfying even if you don’t solve it.
  10. Even if we keep the same job, the required skills change.
  11. But even if it wanted to, BT can’t just scrap them all.
  12. They offended fewer people – even if they served fewer.
  13. Even if they work together, they mean something different.
  14. Even if they can hear you, they’re not really listening.
  15. Even if we can’t do it, it should be done,” he says.