1. Dmytriievska sent numerous job application forms to CCP, each of which was rejected.
  2. Each disc contained 140 tiny plug holes, in each of which a single honeybee embryo was growing.
  3. Well, you run them on SRMs bought from NIST, each of which has been precisely quantified by more thorough and expensive means.
  4. Within the game, you could choose from 48 national sides, from Scotland to Saudi Arabia, each of which consisted of 20 players.
  5. The team can take any one microbe and create a library of thousands of mutants, each of which contains a broken copy of a single gene.
  6. The biggest corporations were General Motors, Walmart and Ford, each of which was larger economically than Poland, Norway and South Africa.
  7. These products include the Amazon Echo and Google Home, each of which is supposed to function as the command hub of a connected domestic environment.
  8. The story was circulated across Vox’s social media platforms, each of which have hundreds of thousands of followers, but it turned out to be a hoax.
  9. Cambridge consists of the central university and 31 constituent colleges, each of which has its own administration, decision-making powers and budgets.
  10. The team found 200 serious irregularities, each of which triggered a “suspicious transaction” report that was sent to the bank’s regulator, the AIF.
  11. Every year, its six investigative “departments,” each of which consists of a single prosecutor, scour the globe looking for members of the Third Reich.
  12. Instead, it was the perfect commodity at the right moment for industry after industry, each of which adopted it to replace ingredients and never turned back.
  13. The pair, who were based near Liverpool, spent 12 weeks on the prototype, developing three versions of the game, each of which employed a different camera position.
  14. The natural contrast was not between Islam and the west, but between Christendom and Dar al‑Islam, each of which regarded the other as infidels, defined by their unbelief.
  15. A strong majority, but one that still left six dissenting judgments, each of which could have cost a team three points; each of which would have upset tens of thousands of fans.
  16. This effect is magnified by the inexorable drip-drip of material: the show airs six 13-minute episodes a week (four under current pandemic conditions), each of which is repeated.
  17. An octopus has 500m neurons, about as many as a dog, but most of these neurons are located not in the brain but in its eight arms, each of which can move, smell and perhaps even remember on its own.