1. This persists, despite the fact that white people are a global minority.
  2. I was secure despite the fact that I had to go and live in this tatty bungalow.
  3. And this was despite the fact that many small clubs often sold talented players cheaply when they were still teenagers.
  4. Despite the fact that the average temperature in Hawaii hovers around 27C, lines of tourists often wrap around the block.
  5. His failure to pursue a ban on alcohol, despite the fact that it would please the base, is another instance of his pragmatism.
  6. 3m bail in July, despite the fact that almost all US citizens sought on international arrest warrants from Europe are routinely held in custody.
  7. Despite the fact that Bargainer’s hypnosis violated these three guidelines and a number of the other ones, the judge allowed Bargainer to take the stand.
  8. Only two of them were in Ward 3 (which largely covers the Second District), despite the fact that this ward contained more than 13% of the city’s population.
  9. They are afraid because they cannot seem to change, despite the fact that they so often watch themselves, clear-eyed, do the very things they don’t want to do.
  10. By all accounts, Serota revelled in the work – despite the fact that at the start the project had neither political support nor an obvious means of being funded.
  11. Moreover, there is no sign that Moscow will reconsider its veto on referring the Syrian war to the ICC, despite the fact that opposition extremists would also be on trial.
  12. On the one hand, Ollie is grateful that the British government allowed him to pay a ransom despite the fact that his mother’s kidnappers may have been linked to al-Shabaab.
  13. At the time, a government press release celebrated it as “successful conclusion” – despite the fact that South Africa was still left with €5m in unreimbursed legal fees.
  14. There’s no way me or my friends could rent any of the new housing, or afford to buy a shared-ownership home, despite the fact that we campaigned for the Olympics to come here.
  15. In England, there is not a single department assigned lead responsibility for hunger, despite the fact that, in 2018, the Food and Agriculture Organisation found that there were more than 2.
  16. Despite the fact that violence has always been present, the world does not have to accept it as an inevitable part of the human condition,” says the WHO guidance on violence prevention.
  17. They did so despite the fact that their accounting firm, Arthur Andersen, had issued a “going concern” warning, meaning its bean-counters worried that Chesapeake might go out of business.
  18. This despite the fact that while stories of gradual progress aren’t as exciting as stories of people just flipping the game board, they often end up describing the world we live in fairly well.