1. How dare he.
  2. How dare he?
  3. I did not dare ask.
  4. Did he dare sneak in?
  5. He took it as a dare.
  6. How dare you say that?
  7. How dare it invade our haven?
  8. I wouldn’t dare think about it.
  9. A small group objected, but I didn’t dare.
  10. They wouldn’t dare to say that about China.
  11. The dare comes from winners and losers alike.
  12. Would she dare present them to a victim’s family?
  13. She said, ‘How dare you ask people those questions?’
  14. I don’t dare propose showing him anything until he asks.
  15. I did not dare go and say goodbye to my parents in Kashgar.
  16. Still, don’t dare to ask Holle about any of these suggestions.
  17. How dare you make such a sweeping statement about these women?
  18. Did I dare to believe that the progesterone was actually working?
  19. Liz, with big arm gestures, was saying: ‘How dare you talk about “just the women”?’
  20. Angwang would get so angry that he would take off his clothes and dare them to smell him.
  21. The neighbour did not dare try to shelter them, and Ahmed did not ask for his protection.
  22. He practised yoga, read books on Zen, dreamed vaguely of joining a commune but did not dare.
  23. I realised the dream of every writer, the dream most of my colleagues wouldn’t dare imagine.
  24. You can’t afford a £110m house, how do you dare turn round to the client and say take that away?
  25. Many are starting to dare to plan for a world post-Covid, and I’m tempted to share that optimism.
  26. Someone must dare to make the initial leap, to retrieve the frozen thesis from its glacial prison.
  27. At the biggest race in my calendar, the Yorkshire Three Peaks, I didn’t dare leave my watch behind.
  28. You would not want people who would, dare I say it, reduce the act of killing to a blip on a screen.
  29. In Chechnya, where few activists would dare observe anything, Putin won all but 616 of the votes cast.
  30. Most countries don’t dare let me out for a short walk, not even with the armed guards they’ve assigned to me.