Sony:- Excuse me, my name is Sony.
I don't think we have met before, have we?
John:- I'm John. You're quite right.
I don't think we have met before. Very happy to meet you.
Sony:- Thank you.
Would you please let me know something about you?
John:- Thanks. I'm a new-comer here.
But my grandparents are quite used to this place.
I've been with my parents at Kashmir.
Sony:- Kashmir! When did you come here?
John:- Only last week. Now we have vocation.
I want to spend my vocation with my grandparents.
Sony:- It's of course very nice.
I hope you can tell me more about Kashmir.
John:- Certainly. And you can tell me much about this beautiful village.
Sony:- With pleasure. Sorry mother is calling me.
Let's meet here at 10. I'll be free then.