1. He had been coming up with a fallback scenario for the winter.
  2. Dichter was creative at coming up with solutions to the problems that focus groups revealed.
  3. Even if democracy is often bad at coming up with the right answers, it is good at unpicking the wrong ones.
  4. Gray still believes a new conservatism is possible – but sees no sign, so far, of anyone coming up with the right formula.
  5. At that point, the commission’s most urgent task was coming up with the structure, or structures, to house the exhibition.
  6. Almost everyone who has studied Romani in Britain has remarked on how adept its speakers are at coming up with names for things.
  7. Entrepreneurs and engineers were coming up with all sorts of solutions to the problem of making sail a viable way to transport freight.
  8. One-down parties are more likely to act aggressively and competitively, at the expense of finding common ground or coming up with solutions.
  9. As a postgraduate, Dawkins excelled at the early stages of the research process, mulling theoretical questions and coming up with hypotheses.
  10. Faced with new markets, regulatory contexts and social networks, they are often highly innovative, coming up with creative ways to support themselves.