1. And I was worried: what the hell was I going to do?
  2. Yet another said simply: “Rurelec needs our help.”
  3. When she kept walking, I told Johnny Brod: tough luck.
  4. One said to me in a grim voice: “That was scary, mate.
  5. Anita said, instinctively: “He’s in the hospital.”
  6. I thought: ‘They’re taking me out in a box today.’
  7. A shout went up on the shore: “She’s on the move!”
  8. The other said in capital letters: “STAY IN CONTROL.”
  9. My driver said: ‘I don’t think that that can be it.’
  10. You think: ‘I can’t quite believe I’m doing this.’
  11. Or to be more precise, we know where it is going: nowhere.
  12. He added: “For those 20 years, I was totally celebrating.
  13. John Lewis had said: ‘We’re going unless you help us.’
  14. As Van der Werf is fond of saying: “It’s all possible.”
  15. Yet here was the system insisting: ‘We know what you are.’
  16. I’ll see something, and think: ‘How have they done that?’
  17. The calculation was simple: I had a car and I needed the money.
  18. It’s not as if the truck says: ‘There’s a Monet Inside’.
  19. But he goes on: “It had nothing like the academic rigour of PPE.
  20. Brake recalled being told no: “The finances didn’t stack up.”
  21. In Marx’s time, the answer to this question was simple: coercion.
  22. “Those were her words: ‘I was lying in bed, thinking,’” said Levy.
  23. The books in the bookshelves are united by one feature: they all have the word “death” in the title.
  24. Before McBride could speak, Brown would grab the paper from his hands and yell a single word: “Chote!”
  25. It means nobody will help you: nobody wants to rent you space, organise transport for you, or sell you product.
  26. She adored the way people spoke, and she still delights in English turns of phrase: “Hello pet, hello lamb, hello duck.”
  27. We spent a few hours at that table, Ngũgĩ ever the professor, sharing his thoughts on his favourite topics: language and class.
  28. What marks him out is his career trajectory: first garnering success in the west in English before reverting to an African language.
  29. Hollywood provided the City with a new hero: the financier Gordon Gekko, from Oliver Stone’s 1987 film Wall Street, who brought us the phrase “Greed is good”.
  30. The solution came down to six words: “In light of different national circumstances”, a phrase that allowed rich and developing countries to avoid a hard decision about responsibilities.