1. We cannot.
  2. She cannot cope.
  3. I cannot breathe.
  4. I cannot lose him.
  5. What you cannot have.
  6. It cannot be maybe in.
  7. I cannot send tickers.
  8. He said ‘No, you cannot.
  9. We cannot run governments.
  10. He said, ‘You just cannot.
  11. Nayib cannot make us move!
  12. “She cannot walk,” he says.
  13. My wife cannot believe this.
  14. They cannot leave the water.
  15. Taylor cannot abide clutter.
  16. But he cannot go on forever.
  17. We cannot escape unhappiness.
  18. No, India cannot be isolated.
  19. Such work cannot be reflexive.
  20. The Neanderthals cannot speak.
  21. You cannot turn the clock back.
  22. I cannot get him to leave work.
  23. But still, it cannot be denied.
  24. You cannot appeal the decision.
  25. The clock cannot be turned back.
  26. Force alone cannot make us safe.
  27. We cannot say we were not warned.
  28. My family cannot quite fathom it.
  29. This is a place he cannot forget.
  30. But most people cannot afford it.