1. Everyone I came across criticised HS2.
  2. He also came across as a natural leader.
  3. I came across a wake in one narrow back street.
  4. We came across a white van parked in a clearing.
  5. Second, and more profoundly, REDD came across as a distraction.
  6. While researching this piece, I came across a website, hirewriters.
  7. The leftwing writer Hilary Wainwright came across it as a schoolgirl.
  8. In his research, Elliott came across one particularly startling paper.
  9. This year, his attendance came across as the ceremony’s marquee event.
  10. One city employee came across a man with a machete stuck in his back pocket.
  11. I came across this predatory device when playing a game called Trivia Crack.
  12. In trying to do that, I came across a YouTube video of a vet clinic in Gambia.
  13. I came across it by chance late this summer, while waiting there to see an MP.