1. It’s sad, but I can understand now.
  2. I know it’s hard at first, but you have to try.
  3. It’s not always helpful, but it can be beautiful.
  4. Macrotermes tend a fungus, but most others do not.
  5. A resident said it occurred, but what do they know.
  6. Reform is sure to be slow, but it may be inexorable.
  7. The water is undrinkable, but can be used for washing.
  8. I don’t want to go through this, but neither do they.
  9. A son will eventually go, but a daughter must rot there.
  10. The microphone wasn’t working, but he did not need it.
  11. I didn’t ever see them, but I would hear them singing.
  12. He headed for his own seat, but he could not stay in it.
  13. I told him the truth, but often he would shake his head.
  14. Earlier, they never went after lawyers, but they do now.
  15. I am not suicidal, but I have always had the urge to jump.
  16. I do not feel frightened, but I do continue to put it off.
  17. The phone would ring for a while, but no one would answer.
  18. People may die, disaster may strike, but life will endure.
  19. He was charming, but also someone who could be very cruel.
  20. He has an easy charm, but his tongue can have a sharp edge.
  21. We’re only 120 years in, but his wish may well be granted.
  22. I was naughty, a problem teenager, but I learned better now.
  23. The place was old and dingy, but it was all we could afford.
  24. They are beautiful sentiments, but they have no real meaning.
  25. I was looking for stories, but I could only find information.
  26. I tried to phone Maria many times, but she would not pick up.
  27. It may not be the time yet, but violence cannot be ruled out.
  28. She has no particular symptoms, but she must stay in hospital.
  29. I agree with you, but I have the habits of another generation.
  30. I tried to talk to him about stopping, but he would not listen.