1. Niffy One and Niffy Two, both of which were friendly and affectionate.
  2. It was the result of two colossal failures, both of which the Bank was heavily involved in.
  3. Gaining power involves winning elections and paying other parties to form coalitions, both of which require huge sums of money.
  4. The dead man was carrying two Patek Philippe watches, one on his wrist and one in his top jacket pocket, both of which had stopped.
  5. I bought a Bluetooth speaker and took out a subscription to Deezer, both of which I imagined, oddly enough, as attributes of my new life.
  6. He pointed out that 90% of plant milk buyers still purchase other dairy products, like cheese and ice cream, both of which are still growing.
  7. The two countries, on opposite sides of the world, both of which I considered home, seemed on the verge of something significant, and I felt stuck.
  8. But becoming an MP requires a certain, well above average, level of ambition and self-belief, both of which get amply fed and nurtured by Westminster itself.
  9. This was a chance to acquire one’s very own Eiffel Tower or Nelson’s Column, both of which were evidently less popular than a rollercoaster named Stealth.
  10. The three flavours that had been posted on a hand-written board were now reduced to two: chocolate and strawberry, both of which are loaded with coded meaning.
  11. Those from privileged backgrounds tend to have higher qualifications and attend more prestigious universities, both of which are associated with higher earnings.
  12. Add to this the fact that migraine is more likely to occur in people with mental health diagnoses such as depression and anxiety, both of which are more common in women.
  13. The first two were an allowance for each child born (after the first) and a National Health Service, free for all people, both of which would be paid for out of general taxation.
  14. Alas for him, the plan was scuppered by referendums in France and the Netherlands, both of which rejected the treaty and sent the EU’s draftsmen scurrying back to their drawing boards.
  15. When Sneddon’s team gave trout an injection of acetic acid or bee venom – both of which cause pain in humans – the fish began breathing faster and rubbed the injection site on gravel.
  16. As political pressure grew to reduce immigration, the Home Office would often clash with the Treasury and the business department, both of which tend to see immigration as good for the economy.
  17. Juliet Mabey, of independent publisher Oneworld, had two winners in consecutive years, Marlon James in 2015 and Paul Beatty in 2016, both of which she’d picked up for tiny, five-figure advances.