1. When did he begin working?
  2. It was expected to begin drilling by 24 July.
  3. Her two daughters were finally able to begin attending school.
  4. Now we begin seeing signs with Serbian toponyms, but no Serbs.
  5. A muscle would begin twitching for a few minutes and then stop.
  6. Eventually, a doctor recommended that Wang begin “making preparations”.
  7. Cities from Munich to Buffalo will begin competing with each other to attract migrants.
  8. 8m in European money, to recruit 118 contract workers to begin staffing his secretariat.
  9. When frozen, cells stop dividing, but then gamely begin replicating when they are thawed.
  10. Maqdisi now wants al-Qaida to begin providing social services, as Hamas has done in Gaza.
  11. As soon as a germ’s gene sequence is known, scientists can begin concocting a vaccine for it.
  12. In that context, Haentjes’s decision to begin pressing records looked ludicrously sentimental.
  13. In theory at least, all the pieces were in place to begin turning the Comoros into the new Dubai.
  14. By now you think that I am trying to control you, to do you harm, and you begin making accusations.
  15. One minute you’re talking to him normally, and then suddenly he might begin shouting and cursing.
  16. Today, glimmers of a different future are in sight, as electric cars begin moving from niche to mainstream.
  17. Later that year, Elkins travelled to the rural highlands of Central Kenya to begin interviewing former detainees.
  18. There Gabikian would begin looking for compounds that Ellenbogen and Olson could use to illuminate cancerous cells.
  19. Kerry always said that it takes three weeks of hard work to begin transforming into anything you are pretending to be.
  20. With a $22 billion pork industry to protect, the USDA announced in May it would begin testing Asian pork imports for ASF.
  21. To begin sleeping again is to feel as though you are being realigned with the universe and its guiding, imperceptible rhythms.
  22. Pergamon would then begin selling subscriptions to university libraries, which suddenly had a lot of government money to spend.
  23. If that is still too slow, then before the end of 2017 models that can go twice as fast again will begin arriving in showrooms.
  24. The young man continued his military service for two more years, before moving to London to begin studying for an MA in chemistry.
  25. Only after those other populations became extinct can we really begin talking about a single, human “us” inhabiting the planet.
  26. But even if she never fully recovers, she will continue to wake up each morning and begin working again, gazing hopefully into darkness.
  27. Amazon gave these factories the enormous opportunity to cut out western middlemen and begin learning about the tastes of American shoppers.