1. No one was sure who began firing or why.
  2. At five weeks old, Judah began vomiting.
  3. She began vomiting and coughing up blood.
  4. As she told the story, she began weeping.
  5. They immediately began rounding up staff.
  6. I began inching towards the Promised Land.
  7. Then I began speaking in a parched whisper.
  8. Eventually he began having trouble driving.
  9. Other black members began quitting The Wing.
  10. Olson began pouring out his doubts and fears.
  11. Everything began flowing in the wrong direction.
  12. “They just began disappearing,” she told me.
  13. I began concentrating my walks in that vicinity.
  14. He began learning everything he could about USP7.
  15. Seneviratne began dealing with John Lewis in 2013.
  16. At the Lodge, Ray began walking eight hours a day.
  17. Around her, young men began crying to God for help.
  18. He began receiving threatening phone calls at home.
  19. In September that year, they began uploading videos.
  20. Pearson began renting booths at medical conferences.
  21. When he began touching her breasts, she became afraid.
  22. 18:43pm, Schiff and Sawyer began barraging Nieto with .
  23. But with the passage of time, he began nurturing doubts.
  24. On 29 September, I began working for the website Meduza.
  25. He dragged over a chair and began pulling and scrabbling.
  26. In gratitude, she began helping around the dental office.
  27. Western aid agencies began threatening to cut programmes.
  28. In her mid-70s, Ida began showing signs of Alzheimer’s.
  29. Industry investors began revolting and bankers relocating.
  30. Unwittingly, my kidnappers began shooting video of us all.