1. Not because of anything I did.
  2. Because of the recent troubles.
  3. And it is because of depression.
  4. I am here because of mob justice.
  5. They’re not dying because of whatever.
  6. I can’t move now because of my illness.
  7. “Ah yes,” I said, “because of that.”
  8. I’m not sweating because of your questions.
  9. Exams had been cancelled because of Covid-19.
  10. So I avoided Forum because of its reputation.
  11. I left because of that, over everything else.
  12. It’s not because of laziness, or inability.
  13. Maybe it is because of her association with me.
  14. Then, buses started to explode because of Oslo.
  15. Maybe that’s because of what’s in the water.
  16. What if I was denied entry because of this book?
  17. We both got into this because of patriotic feeling.
  18. “I stayed because of my friends,” says Kovács.
  19. Certain people would never be friends because of it.
  20. It’s challenging because of the size of the waves.
  21. Other matches were abandoned because of fan revolts.
  22. I was in a neck brace because of a cracked vertebra.
  23. How many people have suffered because of your crimes?
  24. I’ve said I’ve had to do it because of ill health.
  25. Because of the drought, the air tasted subtly of smoke.
  26. Through all this, because of Covid, she has to be alone.
  27. The stone age did not end because of a shortage of stone.
  28. Because of this, there’s also no division of territory.
  29. Because of the general hostility of people, I kept quiet.
  30. Fish have also escaped because of damage caused by storms.