1. I barely ate.
  2. I can barely run.
  3. She barely spoke.
  4. She was barely wet.
  5. He can barely walk.
  6. He barely said a word.
  7. I could barely breathe.
  8. I barely heard his words.
  9. She barely recognised him.
  10. Unemployment was barely 2%.
  11. He said he barely knew Halabi.
  12. His hair barely showed any grey.
  13. The “system” barely existed.
  14. They had barely eaten for a week.
  15. And the news cycle barely stutters.
  16. These people were barely hanging on.
  17. She had been there barely six months.
  18. 3 million – has barely been dented.
  19. The difference was barely fathomable.
  20. He was unshaven and had barely slept.
  21. My hand was barely attached to my arm.
  22. “He could barely whisper,” she said.
  23. At level 9, the walls are barely visible.
  24. Habits and obsessions have barely changed.
  25. But it is barely less true of the experts.
  26. Barely two dozen men knew its true nature.
  27. They barely had to prod to get him to talk.
  28. There has barely been a quiet moment since.
  29. “He could barely communicate,” she says.
  30. But in the 90s, this process had barely begun.