1. To protect myself, to avoid getting wounded.
  2. What could you do to avoid carrying a knife?
  3. Facts to avoid spreading fear, fake news and panic.
  4. Which we have to constantly avoid getting trapped in.
  5. So I did everything I could to avoid disappointing them.
  6. Both men detonated suicide vests to avoid being captured.
  7. Only that it was necessary to avoid being outcompeted by China.
  8. Surely better to avoid creating the problem in the first place?
  9. It was now happy to help anyone, from anywhere, to avoid anything.
  10. Koch, for his part, tries to avoid stepping on insects as he walks.
  11. “We try to avoid dismissing what people believe in,” Chibanda said.
  12. Another told me about how he tried to avoid being seen as a “zealot”.
  13. Politicians use business balderdash to avoid grappling with important issues.
  14. Some women sat on bags or clothes to try and avoid touching the filthy ground.
  15. Sooner or later, he could not avoid writing “murder” on his list of options.
  16. This is the Chinese navy … Please leave immediately to avoid misunderstanding.
  17. The motive for building them under the water was to avoid sullying the landscape.
  18. They go on dates in public places to avoid getting too close – long walks, golf.
  19. We lie to promote ourselves, protect ourselves and to hurt or avoid hurting others.
  20. In the class they were taught how to avoid taking advantage of this newfound appeal.
  21. If and when they do, we should avoid scolding them for not agreeing with us all along.
  22. Some people have argued that women read about serial killers to avoid becoming victims.
  23. Outside the grocery store, the usual produce had been moved inside to avoid falling ash.
  24. Others felt humans had a moral responsibility to avoid causing harm elsewhere in the galaxy.
  25. He decided that the best course of action was to avoid talking to anyone about what he knew.
  26. Once again, we are propping up a fragile, profit-driven system to avoid something even worse.
  27. The community was close-knit and they could not easily avoid going to the house for sleepovers.
  28. Entwistle emailed his team: the best way forward was to avoid making anything new about Savile.
  29. Once in a while, he’ll get a pickup like this and be unable to avoid going through the centre.
  30. While some of the ads had strong anti-Tory messages, Corbyn urged the team to avoid mudslinging.