1. We are at war.
  2. He looks at me.
  3. I gazed at them.
  4. He stays at TED.
  5. They look at him.
  6. She glared at me.
  7. He glances at me.
  8. She smiled at me.
  9. I bristle at this.
  10. He looked at John.
  11. She stayed at home.
  12. It cries out at you.
  13. They fast at Ramadan.
  14. We ended up at a bar.
  15. It lies at our middle.
  16. They start at one end.
  17. He smiled wryly at me.
  18. I looked at the grave.
  19. We had no hope at all.
  20. He looked at his watch.
  21. I stare stupidly at it.
  22. They would shout at me.
  23. he writes at one point.
  24. I stared at the screen.
  25. I glanced at my mother.
  26. There is a lot at stake.
  27. I looked at him blankly.
  28. He is very good at that.
  29. We got good at agreeing.