1. You need hearts as well as minds.
  2. See how they flex forwards as well as back.
  3. Consider animals and plants as well as people.
  4. As well as preserving the soil, it’s cheaper.
  5. Senses are instruments of survival as well as pleasure.
  6. The Brexit crisis exemplifies this as well as anything.
  7. And male, as well as female, fertility declines with age.
  8. As well as political ability, he has real human qualities.
  9. So we’d need to fight the insect as well as the disease.
  10. Governments commit sins of omission as well as commission.
  11. The reality is that so few of them work as well as Amazon.
  12. Nobody understands privilege as well as those who don’t have it.
  13. Like humans, they have sex for pleasure as well as for procreation.
  14. Many of its members had fled to Britain, as well as to China and Iran.
  15. Bucci’s life, as well as his death, linked him to the Agnelli family.