1. The idea is to mimic nature as much as possible.
  2. Trying to suppress the gut reaction as much as possible.
  3. Between games, Standley allows the grass to grow out as much as possible.
  4. We stayed at home as much as possible and avoided going to the local park.
  5. That means creating something that looks as much as possible like a normal set of transactions.
  6. I tried to help as much as possible, bought rice bags, oils, flour, clothes, blankets to many families, but i cannot do this alone.
  7. Everyone at Palmer is quick to point out that they aren’t going fully natural, just dialling back their additives as much as possible.
  8. This is not to deny that remedying inequality as much as possible is an important value – a subject on which I have written over many decades.
  9. It was my role to record and interpret as much as possible everywhere we protested so that we could consistently tell the truth to the outside world.
  10. Now, companies also need smaller distribution centres around the country, to respond rapidly to orders and to abbreviate the last mile as much as possible.