1. When it comes to, as it were, conning your way through, I’m not bad at it.
  2. You are trying to think: ‘Is Kingsley Amis going, as it were, to vote for Trainspotting?’
  3. “The story taking shape was that Britain had just voted, as it were, for Donald Trump,” he told me.
  4. You just never know in the world we live in where someone is going to pop up and, as it were, do a Yentob.
  5. Hall told me last year: “I think we are at the end of a period of, as it were, unbridled expansion of the BBC.
  6. They could not, as it were, detain her under the Mental Health Act – as “unwise” as they found her behaviour to be.
  7. I ask whether Sarzinski would like to come to this year’s commemoration at Omarska – put faces to the bones, as it were.
  8. That we never thought it was our responsibility to help them somehow, to serve and protect them, as it were, seems reasonable.
  9. She convinced me to get out of my psychic echo chamber, to stop being my own doctor, as it were, and to go back to the neurologist.
  10. “During Alan’s career the world has sort of moved from a faith and a trust in public servants, as it were, to this huge scepticism,” Jackson told me.
  11. You hear it when the BBC and the press treat the economy as it were merely a synonym for business – and business as if it were just a synonym for finance.
  12. Once a robot like Harmony is on the market, she will know a lot more about her owner than a vibrator ever could: what if this information fell into, as it were, the wrong hands?
  13. For Rowan’s great revolution in the way we work to begin, all that is needed is for the politicians who have already stumped up the money for the system to, as it were, switch it on.