1. It was as if they were strangers.
  2. It is as if the masses were childlike.
  3. It felt as if the decks had been cleared.
  4. He spoke as if feeling was wasted energy.
  5. He sat bolt upright as if wearing a brace.
  6. It felt as if her heart had left with him.
  7. It was as if they had dropped from the sky.
  8. It felt as if she had just betrayed her son.
  9. It felt as if humans were actually involved.
  10. He felt as if he was living a parallel life.
  11. Zipf shook his head, as if clearing his ears.
  12. It was as if they had somehow done him wrong.
  13. She smiled at me, as if the idea was amusing.
  14. Quinto speaks as if she is always in a hurry.
  15. It seemed as if fairness was being maintained.
  16. But at times it will feel as if it is about to.
  17. It is not as if the information isn’t out there.
  18. Its head is bent backward, as if in supplication.
  19. It was really as if some crime had been committed.
  20. It now seemed as if progressives had the upper hand.
  21. It felt as if their passions had evaporated somehow.
  22. They behaved as if war was already at their doorstep.
  23. I watched myself, as if with a third eye, and waited.
  24. It was as if someone with great strength was pushing.
  25. Serebrennikov kept working as if nothing had changed.
  26. It was as if someone had struck a match in my stomach.
  27. A deep story is a story that feels as if it were true.
  28. It felt as if we were viewing an ant colony from above.
  29. Husbands spoke of wives as if a part of them were lost.
  30. His stomach was empty, as if he’d been starved for days.