1. Yes, antisemitism is growing.
  2. The new antisemitism is an import.
  3. Antisemitism was prominent in the US at the time.
  4. What he did reflected his deep-seated antisemitism.
  5. Even the phrase “the new antisemitism” is contested.
  6. Among them was a new official definition of antisemitism.
  7. Defining anti-Zionism as antisemitism reduces that threat.
  8. Pierre-André Taguieff prefers not to talk of old style antisemitism.
  9. Few would dispute the existence or even the virulence of antisemitism.
  10. In the real world, anti-Zionism and antisemitism don’t always go together.
  11. “What I’d rather we talk about is Islamist antisemitism,” Le Pen said.
  12. There is, finally, a third argument for why anti-Zionism equals antisemitism.
  13. Antisemitism is wrong because it is wrong to denigrate and dehumanise anyone.
  14. Antisemitism isn’t wrong because it is wrong to denigrate and dehumanise Jews.
  15. Johnson was a genuine philosemite, who could not forgive the taint of antisemitism.
  16. The battle over antisemitism in contemporary France often comes down to a war of words.
  17. Several people told me that they were unsettled by growing antisemitism in the country.
  18. Yet such admissions of defeat are certainly not accompanied by a retreat from antisemitism.
  19. But while anti-Zionist antisemitism is likely to be on the rise, so is Zionist antisemitism.
  20. It is an understandable impulse: let the people threatened by antisemitism define antisemitism.
  21. If antisemitism exists without anti-Zionism, anti-Zionism also clearly exists without antisemitism.
  22. “The one motive that we can be sure was not involved was that of antisemitism,” de Korodi told me.
  23. Once again, Macron used the Attal case to show he took the issue of contemporary antisemitism seriously.
  24. It is easy to find antisemitism among people who, far from opposing Zionism, enthusiastically embrace it.
  25. Racism, antisemitism and prejudice, however – those things, on some unconscious level, I must have known.
  26. Kuperwasser, for one, stands by the charge: “Anti-Zionism and antisemitism are the same lady in a different cloak.”
  27. No one I spoke to for this article wanted to be the first to mention antisemitism, but pretty much everyone did in the end.
  28. By contrast, Americans under 30, who according to the ADL harboured the least antisemitism, were least sympathetic to Israel.
  29. The council renounced antisemitism, embraced democracy, proclaimed universal human rights and largely abolished the Latin Mass.
  30. The last of the three Ds, applying double standards, holds that singling Israel out for criticism is “the new antisemitism”.