1. We must remake the world, and we can remake it better.
  2. It will be all about her, and it will really be about us.
  3. It happens all the time, and you can find it quite easily.
  4. He goes to bed at night, and he’s eating coal dust still.
  5. He says it is not great, and he is not sure he even has it.
  6. You say you are doing well, and we agree to meet again soon.
  7. He was a delivery driver, and she a qualified lab technician.
  8. He was getting very fired up, and I just had to hold my ground.
  9. I’d give them antibiotics, and they’d show up the next day.
  10. It was an apocalyptic sound, and I was unnerved and exhilarated.
  11. He had heard the stories, and there he was in the middle of one.
  12. I’ve seen it happen a few times now, and I never got used to it.
  13. I’d heard it too many times, and I had grown stunted and cramped.
  14. He often called me for support, and I worried that he would unravel.
  15. I knew the terror of lost time, and I wanted to protect him from it.
  16. You sit there and get into something, and it turns into three pages.
  17. She’d complained of a sore leg, and she kept getting out of breath.
  18. I ask him what he would say it means, and he pauses for a long moment.
  19. I knew the facts of what had happened, and I knew they were appalling.
  20. She always pointed that out, and they picked me because they wanted me.
  21. It matters a lot to anyone involved, and it matters to the wider world.
  22. It is still early in the year, and we are still early in our reporting.
  23. It is certainly the past we desire, and it is probably the past we deserve.
  24. They are not indestructible, and there are not as many of them as we think.
  25. You get into a rhythm of that, and you begin to feel almost like an android.
  26. It matters that workers are rising up, and it matters that women are leading.
  27. There were ambulance and also fire brigade, and they were absolutely amazing.
  28. It’s a profession that has been good to me, and I hope good for my patients.
  29. We are the ones who are paying the cost, and she cannot pay it for much longer.
  30. He received oxygen and food via tubes, and he was constantly drenched in sweat.