1. “Because she was an anarchist,” he replied.
  2. We had friends who were anarchists, post-punks.
  3. “I’m not an anarchist,” he said another time.
  4. He went with the anarchists on an overland trip to Pakistan.
  5. It was, Vernazza jokes, the meeting of a leftwing and a rightwing anarchist.
  6. At heart, he is still an anarchist – or, as he puts it, a leftwing libertarian.
  7. Menachem Begin studied both the campaigns of the IRA in 1919-21 and the Russian anarchists.
  8. Socialists, anarchists, communists and regionalists in Catalonia and elsewhere grabbed control of the streets.
  9. A dozen years ago, the term “mutual aid” was, as far as I can tell, used mostly by anarchists and scholars.
  10. A former revolutionary who still professes anarchist ideals has run Uruguay’s government and its booming economy ever since.
  11. Termites’ offence is often described as the eating of “private” property, which makes them sound like anticapitalist anarchists.
  12. It namechecked improbable influences, such as Che Guevara and the great anarchist singer-songwriters Rino Gaetano and Fabrizio De André.
  13. Although Marx and Engels were not anarchists, they loathed the state and its potential to be manipulated by one class to suppress another.
  14. David Graeber, who is an anarchist as well as an anthropologist, argues that these policies were motivated by a desire for social control.
  15. He hit rock bottom, suicidal, among anarchist punks in Portland, Oregon: “I had to change, or I was going to completely destroy myself.”