1. All of which made the proximity of the shuttered Polpo seem like a warning.
  2. He produced three reports, all of which were classified and not one of which led to any prosecutions.
  3. All of which is to say: humanity and technology are not only entangled, they constantly change together.
  4. 3bn in 2014, the total from foreign remittances in 2015 – nearly all of which come from the US – was $4.
  5. All of which might make her work sound slipshod, which it isn’t: it is forceful, explosive, unapologetic, magnificent.
  6. All of which suggests that it might be time to question whether the British establishment still functions as it once did.
  7. For instance, I recently came across three LLPs, all of which are owned by the same two Nevis companies: Tallberg and Uniwell.
  8. Inside, they discovered that Said’s bed, the washing machine and a wardrobe – all of which were owned by G4S – were missing.
  9. All of which poses an urgent question: if police and politicians can agree that Britain’s police is broken, why is no one fixing it?
  10. Articles railed against promiscuity, abortion and homosexuality, all of which threatened the traditional family and the Slovak nation.
  11. All of which suggests that the current manifestation of the establishment, if we can still call it that, has an extremely limited future.
  12. The privileged are more likely to work in London, in large firms, and in professions such as finance – all of which are associated with higher pay.
  13. He was concerned about his cat, Paz, and his dogs, three large mutts named Gronda, Petra and Demona, all of which he’d left behind in Villas Santín.
  14. And those who have the “right” soft skills or “polish” – all of which, according to Johnston, effectively adds up to how middle-class they are.
  15. Healthy soil is a sponge of crisscrossing roots, wormholes and mycorrhizal fungi, all of which retains moisture, maintains nutrients and captures carbon.
  16. Instead, he memorised Luther and Zwingli and made vivid chalk drawings illustrating the plan of salvation, all of which made him pretty popular on campus.
  17. This more diffuse form of attention lends itself to mind wandering, free association, and the making of novel connections – all of which can nourish creativity.
  18. The consensus is that there are five pillars, all of which rest on the “money bit” – the basic level of financial security without which later life is hard.
  19. It denotes a certain type of crime committed by a certain type of criminal in a certain kind of context, all of which are illustrated by McShane’s descriptions.
  20. Many insect species are found on, in or around waste, and they’re commonly associated with dirt, decay and disease, all of which can significantly up the yuck factor.
  21. China exports many different kinds of pork products – from blood-thinning heparin to the protein powders in smoothies – all of which were potential vehicles for ASF.
  22. Sales of the book have declined in recent times, and the company has had to find new ways to make money – not all of which have met with the approval of the GWR old guard.
  23. The many billboards around Taldykorgan touting government initiatives – nearly all of which feature Nazarbayev – attest to his fondness for reminding Kazakhs of his largesse.
  24. Tyc had rented a crane truck and had come to haul away several of the Red Army monuments erected across this region during the communist era, all of which were slated for removal.
  25. They offered rooms in their homes, collected donations of clothes and toys, set up language camps and mental health support – all of which was legal because of the open-border policy.
  26. Two Italian passports, a Spanish passport and a Spanish national ID card were later found in his possession, all of which showed the same 44-year-old with weathered skin and dark curly hair.
  27. It only gets worse: he sees his straight-man nemesis astride a fixed-gear bicycle, partaking in “shell art”, and wearing a chin beard – all of which, he churlishly admonishes, is “over”.
  28. Between them, Domino’s Pizza, Subway, Pizza Hut, KFC, McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts – all of which use palm oil – now have 2,784 stores in the country, according to reporting by the Nation.
  29. Though El Salvador is about the size of Wales and comprises less than 14% of the population of Central America, it accounts for more than 35% of the region’s homicides, nearly all of which go unpunished.
  30. He meant Joe Planer, one of his students, who was standing in front of a standard laboratory bench, complete with pipettes, test tubes and Petri dishes, all of which had been sealed in a transparent, plastic tent.