1. People like this do exist (albeit rarely).
  2. As it turned out, the manifesto was right, albeit belatedly.
  3. Still, he harboured some optimism, albeit a strange variety.
  4. And I qualified all the same, albeit a couple of months late.
  5. He is still writing and lecturing, albeit in a more covert fashion.
  6. The logical – albeit risky – response was to intervene even earlier.
  7. “ONS has been successful, albeit not perfect, where others have failed,” Threets said.
  8. In the 2000s, they started to increase again, albeit modestly, averaging roughly 10% today.
  9. Many previous administrations had done the same thing with impunity, albeit not on such a great scale.
  10. It provides a very particular – albeit macabre – lens through which to view Britain’s youngsters.
  11. And that remains the current official mantra – albeit muttered sheepishly by embarrassed FCO officials.
  12. He already had a strong track record of using the species to save lives, albeit in a very different setting.
  13. So when we have the opportunity to put something back, albeit in a controlled way, it should fill us with joy.
  14. This time the information was correct, albeit four hours out: Marwan warned that the Egyptians would strike at sunset.
  15. Bashaija had participated in these traditional dances, albeit with his braids held in check by the knitted red beanie.
  16. Juventus was complicit in large-scale ticket-touting and conducted business, albeit unwittingly, with criminal elements.