1. The bats have a sort of radar.
  2. A sort of 21st-century sublime.
  3. It’s become a sort of fad, if you like.
  4. So there was a sort of – not panic, but fear.
  5. PPE leads people towards a sort of statist role.
  6. I felt a sort of thrill, as the day began to shift.
  7. Could a sort of independence ever bless these acres?
  8. And I would say that now we’re at a sort of a peak.
  9. He took it as a sort of implicit downgrade of his country.
  10. Drink was not a proper escape, but it was a sort of escape.
  11. A pattern was beginning to form in my brain, a sort of learning.
  12. “That was the beginning of a sort of awakening in me,” he said.
  13. All these elements together constituted a sort of operating system.
  14. “He has been a sort of shapeshifter, really,” one colleague told me.
  15. Maybe they used pressure from time to time, as a sort of amusing side-effect.
  16. There is a sort of satisfaction in being self-employed or self-made, homemade.
  17. Gravitas is a sort of abstract firepower that does not need to pull the trigger.
  18. He just seemed to be written as a sort of classically cerebral, calculating villain.
  19. CasaPound germinated in the late 1990s as a sort of Mussolini-admiring drinking club.
  20. Boyles drove past Chappell’s plot and raised his hand in a sort of solidarity salute.
  21. He described a sort of scary, eerie silence once the train had come to a complete stop.
  22. So it does seem plausible that the Squatty Potty might return us to a sort of pooping Eden.
  23. EU, which is still very much active, were pursuing a sort of pincer movement on the Tories.
  24. Outside observers tend to fall into a sort of stunned disbelief when describing this setup.
  25. It is relatively easy to envisage a series of events that mutates into a sort of cold war 2.
  26. “It has become a sort of arms race,” said one curator I spoke to, with a trace of a sigh.
  27. The novel would be a sort of phrasebook, recording the things she did and the people she met.
  28. Cochrane’s was a sort of gilt sword, Tracey’s a shining, golden plough on a wooden plinth.
  29. The world of private investigation was a morally ambiguous one – a sort of open market in dirt.
  30. It’s tempting to see Macron as a sort of cyborg, a seducing machine completely void of emotion.