1. In a phrase worthy of Orwell, the Israeli government called them “present absentees”.
  2. This was known inside Better Together as Project Fear – a phrase exploited by the yes side.
  3. The knots,” he said, using a phrase that implies chickens coming home to roost, “came to the comb.”
  4. Plus, it wasn’t really for you, it was for the baby – a phrase that rationalises all kinds of purchases.
  5. Assigning umpires to a match is a delicate art – “different umpire, different outcome” is a phrase I heard a lot.
  6. “Pray for Kumamoto & Kumamon,” wrote Ming Jang Lee from Thailand, a phrase that would be repeated thousands of times.
  7. The crushing of the “Yellow Peril” (a phrase coined in the 1890s) was more or less complete by the time the Germans arrived.
  8. The left shouldn’t be afraid of a little creative destruction”, he says, cheekily borrowing a phrase usually used by free-marketeers.
  9. The ambassador described Bellingcat as a branch of the “deep establishment” – a phrase that echoed Donald Trump’s attacks on the FBI.
  10. According to Minkin, Blair’s strategist Peter Mandelson had a phrase for what he wanted the parliamentary left to become: “a sealed tomb”.
  11. One admirer, Megan Beech, published a poem called When I Grow Up I Want to Be Mary Beard – a phrase that now adorns T-shirts worn by her fans.
  12. The group’s slogan was “solidarity not charity”, a phrase inspired by the Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano: “I don’t believe in charity.
  13. The principal commandment of Kondoism was to abandon anything that didn’t “spark joy” – a phrase that soon became familiar around the world.
  14. Millions of people are “just about managing”, to use a phrase the prime minister, Theresa May, was once fond of, and many are faring much worse.
  15. Both statisticians and politicians have fallen into the trap of “seeing like a state”, to use a phrase from the anarchist political thinker James C Scott.
  16. For those who can’t use levers, there are screens that track eye movement and are programmed to read aloud a phrase or symbol when the user has stared at it long enough.
  17. On the third attempt, she would respond with a curt “Sorry I missed your call”, a phrase she would thenceforth recite unyieldingly, no matter how many times you redialed.
  18. These studies haven’t always compared analytic therapies with cognitive ones; the comparison is often with “treatment as usual”, a phrase that covers a multitude of sins.
  19. Emergency service radio recordings reveal one shocked ambulanceman blurting out a phrase that many would have recognised: “She’s the one who had 12 jobs, and 12 salaries!”
  20. To dramatise the latter scenario, the campaigners deployed a phrase that has since become ubiquitous in the debate about who should live in British cities: “social cleansing”.
  21. As far as Soviet authorities were concerned, it was “peaceful Soviet citizens” who the Germans murdered, a phrase that masked the particularity of the crime and its genocidal aim.
  22. Its innovation, freshly launched, is a pain-relieving, CBD-infused, biodegradable cotton tampon, a phrase that could have sprung from some kind of Silicon Valley word association game.
  23. All of a sudden, instead of being a phrase that leftists used to check dogmatic tendencies within their movement, “political correctness” became a talking point for neoconservatives.
  24. The solution came down to six words: “In light of different national circumstances”, a phrase that allowed rich and developing countries to avoid a hard decision about responsibilities.
  25. Some have even made fun of leftwingers for talking too much about “neoliberalism” – a phrase many centrists believe has no meaning, but that leftwingers insist is analytically useful.
  26. Vox has sought to rally voters who feel alienated or threatened by what the party likes to refer to as “radical feminism” – a phrase they use to describe any kind of feminism whatsoever.