1. Just a little bit.
  2. I cringe a little.
  3. I was a little shit.
  4. It was a little snug!
  5. Flap around a little!
  6. It was a little world.
  7. But dig down a little.
  8. We’re a little tougher.
  9. He looks a little winded.
  10. Some were a little bemused.
  11. A little bit, it has to be.
  12. Three Men and A Little Lady?
  13. More than a little, actually.
  14. He was a little bit different.
  15. This seems a little premature.
  16. It all seems a little low-key.
  17. You become a little desperate.
  18. Now he looked a little foolish.
  19. The Ouse is only a little river.
  20. Yeah, it is a little ridiculous.
  21. His drink was only a little flat.
  22. Quite how is a little mysterious.
  23. The idea is to disappear a little.
  24. A little game occurred to him now.
  25. A little bit, yes,” she said.
  26. It was a little victory for Cullen.
  27. I think I sound a little bit Welsh.
  28. A little over a week later, he did.
  29. And then, a little later: “Right.
  30. I began to feel a little ridiculous.