1. It was not just a few.
  2. A few cruise missiles?
  3. She found a few hundred.
  4. Then a few minutes to cry.
  5. A few women moved with them.
  6. I’ll see you in a few hours.
  7. It turned up a few weeks later.
  8. I’ve got a few things to say.
  9. More than a few are out of work.
  10. It was a few numbers on the page.
  11. Just a few things on the shelves.
  12. A few chemists even falsify MURs.
  13. And for a few weeks, he’s right.
  14. A few brought a daughter or niece.
  15. We had a few advantages, I suppose.
  16. It can’t be done by a few people.
  17. A few minutes later she slipped out.
  18. He says, ‘What, in a few weeks?’
  19. A few keyboard taps and there it was.
  20. And this is for a few simple reasons.
  21. Some will leave, a few will come back.
  22. We’d had a viewing a few days earlier.
  23. A few days later, ESO and MI6 met again.
  24. A few months later, the centre shut down.
  25. I would have said I’d had a few drinks.
  26. Then a few more such patients came her way.
  27. For a few seconds, my mind would be racing.
  28. After a few moments, his skin began to burn.
  29. A few years ago I would have been mortified.
  30. A few hours later, she sent me another note.